Graduate Record Examinations (GRE®)

The GRE® (Graduate Record Examinations) is a standardized test taken by students who are applying to postgraduate courses in the US and in some other parts of the world. Admissions committees use the scores along with undergraduate records, recommendations and other relevant criteria in evaluating candidates for admission to graduate courses. For some courses GRE is a prerequisite; for others it may be recommended or not required. Always check the requirements of individual institutions before applying.


The GRE was significantly overhauled in August 2011, resulting in an exam that is not adaptive on a question-by-question basis, but rather by section, so that the performance on the first verbal and math sections determine the difficulty of the second sections presented. The scoring scale was also changed to a 130 to 170 scale (from a 200 to 800 scale). A minimum score of 260 is awarded on attempting the exam.

There are two GRE examinations:
1. The General Test (The GRE revised General Test)
2. The Subject Tests

When one talks of the GRE, one usually means the GRE revised General Test which is a test of verbal reasoning, quantitative reasoning, and analytical writing. The GRE Subject Tests are achievement tests that measure your knowledge of a particular field of study.

Unlike the General test, which is unrelated to any specific undergraduate course, the GRE Subject tests are offered in eight specific subject areas and attempt to measure a student’s performance in a subject in which they have majored at undergraduate level.

Program of Study

Core Courses
MGR G01 : General Test Verbal
MGR G02 : General Test Math
MGR G03 : General Test Writing
MGR S01 : Subject Test Basic
MGR S02 : Subject Test Practice Test

Standing Faculty

Jordan Shauer
City University of New York
Daniel Hwang
Columbia University
Aaron Park
University of Pennsylvania
Martin Springer
Northern Valley High School

Program Details

Contact Discovery at 201-750-1113 to sign up for a program.

Course Materials
All materials, including textbooks, flashcards, and practice tests are included in the total cost of the program.

Diagnostic Testing
For students beginning a standardized test preparation program, the first step is to take a diagnostic test from the comfort of home. Students send the completed test back to us for scoring or can enter their answers online. With results in hand at the first meeting, the student and tutor immediately begin to create a plan of action based on the computerized analysis and the individual goals of the student.

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