Scholastic Aptitude Test(SAT) Subject Tests

Some colleges require or recommend one or more SAT Subject Tests as part of the application, especially in specific majors or program of study. Each year, nearly one million SAT Subject Tests are taken by students around the world for admission to some of the leading colleges and universities in the U.S. SAT Subject Tests are administered at the same test centers as the SAT. All of the SAT Subject Tests are one-hour, multiple-choice tests.


All programs can be customized in length to meet your particular needs. No minimum number of sessions is required and some students may benefit from more than the recommended number of sessions. The recommendations below are based on what we have found to be the most effective program length for maximizing student score results.

Program of Study

Core Courses
MSU 101 : US History
MSW 101 : World Histoy
MSB 101 : Biology
MSC 101 : Chemistry
MSP 111 : Physics
MSM 111 : Math IC
MSM 112 : Math IIC
MSJ 121 : Japanese
MSC 121 : Chinese
MSS 121 : Spanish

Standing Faculty

Daniel Hwang
Math IC/IIC / Physics, Columbia University
Thomas Francis
Math IC/IIC, Cresskill High School
Sugene Aukim
Biology, Cresskill High School
Michelle Hicks
Chemistry, Cresskill High School
Robert Ortiz
World History / US History, Harvard University
Springer, Martin
English & Composition, Northern Valley High School

Our academic approach include :

• personalized lessons
• experienced and inspiring instructors
• stress and time management skills
• testing ability and confidence building
• mentorship and genuine care

Program Details

Contact Discovery at 201-750-1113 to sign up for a program.

Course Materials
All materials, including textbooks, flashcards, and practice tests are included in the total cost of the program.

Diagnostic Testing
For students beginning a standardized test preparation program, the first step is to take a diagnostic test from the comfort of home. Students send the completed test back to us for scoring or can enter their answers online. With results in hand at the first meeting, the student and tutor immediately begin to create a plan of action based on the computerized analysis and the individual goals of the student.

Practice Tests
We believe exposure to standardized tests under simulated test-taking conditions is a vital part of preparing for the SAT or ACT, so we incorporate practice test-taking through the entirety of a student’s program-either at locations in the community or at the student’s home. There is NO COST for practice tests.

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