Secondary School Admission Test (SSAT)

The SSAT is designed for students who are seeking entrance to independent schools worldwide. The SSAT measures three constructs: verbal, quantitative, and reading skills that students develop over time, both in and out of school. The test is designed for students in grades 3 through 11 and is administered on three levels (Elementary, Middle, and Upper).There are two types of SSAT test administrations: the Standard administration, which is given on eight designated Saturdays during the academic year at test sites around the world, and the Flex administration, which is an individual or group test administered on any date other than the eight Standard dates.

Our three steps for successful tutoring

Match to the best tutor
We find a tutor that’s right for each student based on academic needs, learning style and interests.

Create a unique plan
After getting to know each student and their goals, we create a plan to achieve the desired results.

Track progress
Progress reports are sent after each session to measure performance and ensure accountability.

Program of Study

Core Courses
MSS L01 : SSAT Low Level Prep 1
MSS L02 : SSAT Low Level Prep 2
MSS M01 : SSAT Middle Level Pep 1
MSS M02 : SSAT Middle Level Prep 2
MSS U01 : SSAT Upper Level Prep 1
MSS U02 : SSAT Upper Level Prep 2

Standing Faculty

Christopher Kim
Seoul National University
James Kim
University of Michigan
Jake Kim
Cornell University
Pamela Stemberg
Columbia University

Our academic approach include :

• personalized lessons
• experienced and inspiring instructors
• stress and time management skills
• testing ability and confidence building
• mentorship and genuine care

ISEE &SSAT STRATEGIES For Private School Admissions

Discovery Academy has developed some of the most inventive strategies in the test preparation industry to help students achieve a high degree of success on standardized tests. On the ISEE and SSAT, students are taught strategies to tackle difficult math, reading and vocabulary questions. They are taught why it is always better to guess than to omit, when and how to use approximation to solve math problems, how to determine the general nature of a word based on various factors and which reading answers are most likely to be correct. This and so much more will be at your child’s fingertips when taking the ISEE or SSAT.

Discovery’s skill-building materials ate effective in helping students learn and strengthen basic math, reading and vocabulary skills. And while the immediate goal is to raise test scores, the peripheral benefits to students who go through our ISEE and SSAT program are many. Students learn basic etymology, including common prefixes, word roots and suffixes. They will review all relevant math formulas and concepts and will learn effective reading techniques.

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